Watermelon Slush

This easy homemade frozen watermelon beverage made with fresh watermelon is perfect for the summer! With sweet watermelon and a hint of fresh lime juice, it so refreshing and delicious! 

Watermelon Lime Water Granulated Sugar Mint Leaves

key ingredients

Cube watermelon and freeze overnight. Make sure watermelon cubes are not stuck together when frozen. Make syrup mixture by combining hot water and granulated sugar.


Stir until sugar is dissolved. In a blender combine watermelon cubes, syrup, lime juice and cold water. Blend. Add more water or pause to stir if blender gets stuck.

Taste and add more syrup if needed. If watermelon is very ripe and sweet, you can omit the sugar, blend, taste, and add sugar if it isn't sweet enough.

Garnish with mint and watermelon slices. Serve and enjoy!

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