Stovetop Pot Roast

Tender, fall apart Beef Pot Roast cooked on the stove top! This flavorful and delicious Stovetop Pot Roast recipe is cooked alongside carrots and onions, in a herb and red wine infused broth.

Chuck Roast | Salt Black Pepper | Garlic Cloves Onion | Carrots Red Wine | Beef Broth  Fresh Thyme Leaves Fresh Rosemary | Parsley


Season beef roast with salt and pepper. Sear both sides in a dutch oven until browned. Remove beef and set aside.  Sear onions and garlic cloves. Once onions are brown on a few sides, remove and set aside.


Add red wine to pot and scrape off the brown bits to get the flavors into the broth. Let the wine come to a boil, then add your beef chuck back into the pot. Next, add beef broth and submerge at least 2/3 of your chuck roast in it.

Add carrots, then bring seared onions and garlic back into the pot. Bring to a boil, then add those fresh herbs. Cover and let your pot roast cook on the stove top for the next 3 hours on low.

When your stovetop pot roast is done, it should be super tender and fall apart easily when shredding it.

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