Apple Cinnamon Bread

This Apple Cinnamon Bread is a vanilla-infused moist bread/cake filled with juicy apple pieces,  a cinnamon brown sugar swirl, and topped with lots of cinnamon  crumbles.


BREAD Apples | Butter Sugar | Milk | Eggs Vanilla Extract  Flour | Baking Powder CRUMBLE Butter | Flour Cinnamon | Brown Sugar

Step 1

Prepare apples by removing skin and slicing into small thin pieces.

Step 2

To make bread mixture, mix together wet ingredients. Add dry mixture. Mix well. Then fold into apple pieces.

Step 3

To make crumble mixture, cube cold butter into small cubes, then add the rest of the crumble ingredients.

Step 4

Use a pastry cutter to cut and combine crumble mixture until butter are mixed in and cut into small pieces. Or  pulse mixture in food processor to combine.

Step 5

Line a bread pan with parchment  paper. Add half of the apple bread mixture, then top with half of the crumble mixture.

Step 6

Bake in the oven for 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Remove from oven and let cool. Then remove bread from the pan and let it cool.


I find that if the apple slices are too large or too thick, it will not soften  completely when baked, so make sure to slice them thinly.

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