Mexican Breakfast Bowl

Easy and yummy Mexican breakfast bowl recipe with chorizo, scrambled eggs with tortilla, black beans and salsa. Healthy-ish and flavorful! Nicely packaged in a lovely bowl. 

Butter Eggs Tortilla Chips Ground Chorizo BRIANNAS Chipotle  Ranch Dressing Black Beans Cilantro For Garnish

key ingredients

Whisk eggs in a bowl. Add butter to skillet and heat skillet under medium low heat. Once butter is melted (do not brown or burn), add eggs.


Let eggs sit on the skillet until it is a little cooked at the bottom (not fully cooked). Use a spatula to stir eggs around until it is almost cooked.

Add crushed tortilla chips and continue stirring until eggs are fully cooked. Remove eggs promptly. Garnish with cilantro and more dressing.

Enjoy your yummy Mexican inspired Breakfast Bowl!

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