General Tso Shrimp

Sticky, savory sweet, slightly spicy General Tso Shrimp…ready in 15 minutes! Served over rice, it packs lots of yummy flavors and textures. We love to make this easy dish for a quick weeknight dinner!

OIl | Garlic Cloves Ginger Root | Raw Shrimp Red or Green Bell Peppers GENERAL TSO SAUCE Soy Sauce | Hoisin Sauce Rice Vinegar | Sesame Oil Brown Sugar | Water Cornstarch Red Pepper Flakes

key ingredients

Whisk all General Tso Sauce ingredients together until combined. Heat vegetable oil in a wok or skillet and add garlic, ginger and shrimp.


Add bell peppers to wok and stir continuously for a few minutes. Once shrimp is curled and turns slightly pink, add the sauce mixture.

Stir continuously. Once sauce is thickened and shrimp is completely cooked, remove everything from heat promptly. Serve over rice.

Skip Chinese takeout and make this yummier and healthier version at home!

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