Garlic Edamame

You need to check out this fantastic Asian inspired Garlic Edamame recipe. Edamame sautéed and coated in a sticky, garlicky soy-based sauce. Ten minutes from start to finish! The perfect way to kick off sushi or any Asian inspired meal!

Frozen Edamame Minced Garlic Soy Sauce Sugar Water Cornstarch Vegetable Oil

key ingredients

Mix soy sauce, sugar, water, and cornstarch in a small bowl. Heat up a large skillet with vegetable oil and sauté minced garlic for a minute or two.


Add the sauce to the skillet and stir for a few seconds, then add frozen edamame and stir to coat in the sauce.

Cook for 2-4 minutes or until edamame is warm and cooked through.  Serve and enjoy!

The flavor is just out of this world. Simple and so delish. 

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