Curry Butternut Squash Soup

Curry Butternut Squash Soup is a must this Fall! This creamy cozy soup is loaded with mashed butternut squash, coconut milk, carrots and curry powder, and topped with crispy garlic butter croutons.

White Onion | Garlic Oil | Butternut Squash Carrots | Chicken Broth Curry Powder  Brown Sugar | Salt Canned Coconut Milk

key ingredients

Saute onions and garlic until onions soften. Avoid browning onions and garlic. Add butternut squash, carrots, and chicken broth and bring to a boil.


Cook on medium heat, partially covered for 15 minutes. Stir in curry powder, brown sugar and salt. Turn off heat and blend with an immersion blender until the soup is smooth and creamy.

Heat soup, add coconut milk and bring to a boil. Cook for another 3-5 minutes, or until it reaches your desired consistency.

Add more salt to open up the flavors if necessary. Drizzle with coconut milk. Serve with croutons, and enjoy!

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