Banana Milkshake

This easy homemade Banana Milkshake recipe uses only 3 simple ingredients, and is a fresh, delicious banana dessert recipe with no artificial flavors. A cool and refreshing summer dessert!

Banana (Frozen) Milk Vanilla Ice Cream Banana (Non-Frozen) Whipped Cream Maraschino Cherries

key ingredients

Slice two bananas in small slices. Bring them to a large zip lock bag and space them out so they freeze individually. Lay zip lock bag flat in the freezer and freeze for at least 6 hours


Blend frozen banana slices, milk and ice cream until smooth. Add more milk if blender is stuck. Once a thick consistency is achieved, taste and add a few more slices of bananas if desired.

Taste banana milkshake and adjust accordingly for consistency and sweetness. Pour banana milkshake into two (or three if you prefer smaller portions) tall glasses.

Top each glass with whipped cream, cherries and a slice of banana. Serve and enjoy!

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